Burtons Campsite

The story began in 1955, when Mr and Mrs Andrew Noble generously donated to the Girl Guides, an area of land at Burton’s Lookout. The purpose of the land was to establish a campsite for the local groups to introduce their guides to camping. The site needed much work to be done before this could happen and so leaders, parents and service clubs combined to put in many hours of work to prepare the site.
These dedicated people raised the money to purchase the necessary equipment – tents, ropes, camp stoves, screening and utensils. Funds were also used to buy the material for a lockable hut in which to store all the equipment. In November 1955 the hut was erected by the Apex Club.
Permission was given to run camps for up to 15 girls under canvas.
District Commissioner, Mrs Frances Cust proudly issued the invitations to the first Open Day at the site in late November 1955.
This was hailed as a great success with a large number attending.
In 1971 an occupation licence was issued to the Girl Guides to lease a section of the land adjoining the eastern boundary of the site. This wooded area gave good protection to the campsite and provided a natural bush setting, ideal for nature walks.
The land was steep and hence the number of tent sites was limited to the very few flat sections.
In 1977 that section of land was transferred to the guides after payment of survey and legal fees.
A small section of land, on a road reserve was purchased by agreement with the Dept of Crown Lands. This extra land meant that the campsite could accommodate more girls.