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75th Anniversary – International Youth Year Challenge

Brownie Uniform Badges – Tweenies

Ranger Badges and Ribbons

Guide Uniform Badges – April and August Action

Guide Uniform Badges – Busy Bee Badges

These are the Busy Bee badges.  ‘Busy Bee month’ was held in May each year and was when girls did tasks for friends and family to earn money for Guides. […]

Trefoil Guild Badges – National Gatherings

Guide Uniform Badges – Year of the Outdoors 2007


Guide Uniform Badges – Healthy Waterways

Guide Uniform Badges – Baker’s Delight

Guide Uniform Badges – Outdoor Patch

The Outdoor Patch was designed to be worked on as a Patrol and can be used as a group badge. This was initiated in the year 2000. The criteria for […]

Guide Uniform Badges – Action Guide

The original syllabus in the year 2000. The badge in the year 2000. The badge in the year 2005.

Guide Uniform Badges – Games Challenge 2006

Guide Uniform Badge – International Year of Microcredit 2005

Guide Swap Badge – Thinking Day 2000

Thinking Day Only 1,000 of these badges were made Australia wide and were sold through each Guide Shop.  Victoria only received 100.  They sold out quickly!!

Gumnut Guide Badges

Guide Uniform Badges – Target 2000

The “Target 2000” Challenge was available to all Guides who were participating in the Challenge. Challenges were issued to the girls and the badge was worn on the sash during […]

Guide Uniform Badges – Centenary of Federation, Chain of Camp Fires

Guide Uniform Badges – International Year of Older Persons 1999

The International Year of Older Persons was celebrated in 1999. This badge was worn on uniform by girls working with the elderly during 1999. Leaders worn a metal badge with […]

Guide Uniform Badges – The 7 Day Global Challenge 2000

Celebration Badges – 100 years of Guiding in Victoria