Guide and Ranger Uniform Badge – Queens Guide Syllabus


The candidate must still be a Guide when she gains the award (being ready for the final test before her 17th Birthday).

The application form should be sent in not later than the 16th Birthday, and the final test completed as soon after sending in the form as possible, taking into consideration the candidate’s school commitments.

  1. Be a First Class Guide and hold either the Little House or Woodcraft Emblem.  Candidates holding the Little House Emblem must also hold one badge from the Woodcraft Emblem.
  2. Be recommended by the Court of Honour and known personally to the District Commissioner whose responsibility it is to endorse the recommendation.
  3. Be capable of a sustained effort of service, to groups or individuals, to consist of:  a.  Regular service over a period of 12 weeks in the home, school, church or local community.  b. At least 12 weeks work for an overseas community (British Commonwealth or Empire) which could take the form of regular letter writing or the making and collection of equipment, toys or scrap books for the benefit of the community.  c.  Three unexpected jobs given by the District Commissioner at different times in this period.
  4. Take a “Be Prepared” test, the arrangements for which shall be the responsibility of a Diploma’d Guider or her nominee.
    Note:  It is the responsibility of the District Court of Honour to consider annually whether the standard maintained by the holders of the Queen’s Guide Award is such that the badge may continue to be worn.  The Green and Blue First Class badges do not qualify for this award.


Before applying for this badge be recommended by PL Council, your Guider and the District Commissioner as a Guide who is trying her best to understand and carry out the ideals expressed by the Guide Promise, and is participating and making a worthwhile contribution to the life of the Company and the Community in which she lives.  You must also hold the following:

  1. An eight-point badge awarded within the last twelve months.
  2. The Service Emblem and Service Flash.
  3. The “Australia” and “Guide Knowledge” badges.
  4. The Little House Emblem and Camper Badge and one other badge from the Bushcraft Emblem or the Bushcraft Emblem or Patrol Camp Permit and two badges from the Little House Emblem.
  5. Two badges of your own choice, one of these to be taken from the Fitness Emblem and the other from the Arts and Crafts Emblem.
    Note:  The requirements of the Queen’s Guide must be completed before your sixteenth birthday and whilst you are a member of a Guide Company.


In attempting the Queen’s Guide Award, it is important that you allow sufficient time to really challenge yourself and so attain a high standard.  This standard will allow you and the other awardees to wear this badge with due pride.

Find and organise regular service, preferably involving the unit and make sure it is carried out for three months.  The chosen service should be discussed with the district commissioner before commencement.

Prepare a report on this service and present it to the State Ranger Adviser.  If you have any queries on the service planned, consult her before commencing this clause.

Gain any outdoor qualification of the Girl Guides Association, such as camping, boating or flying, or gain an outdoor qualification of another organisation that has been approved by the State Ranger Adviser.

Show you are willing to help other members of your unit to gain a similar qualification.

Participate in another outdoor activity which would be a challenge to your fitness, such as abseiling, canoeing, archery, orienteering, gliding etc.

History of the Movement
Have a good knowledge of the history of the Movement, including local, state, national, international and world associations.  This could also include research into the history of rangers.

Know the life history of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell.

Share this knowledge of particular area of it for about twenty minutes with a group of people, such as a local association, trefoil guild, guide unit etc.

Community Awareness
Earn a ranger section service certificate.

Take part in a youth leadership training weekend.

Discover and record in an interesting way the resources of your own community, such as local government departments, community aid organisations, youth council, charities, adult education and other local facilities.

Assist your unit or a similar group to use any two of these local resources by becoming involved in the activities of the groups you have selected, such as attending Youth Council meetings, helping at a Red Cross collection day, learning about Lifeline.

Ranger Challenge
Achieve the Ranger Challenge at the highest possible personal standard.

The Promise
Participate fully in your unit’s activities and accept your share of responsibility towards running the unit.

Show by your attitude and behaviour that you understand the Promise and its relevance in everyday life.


You must be 14 years old prior to starting any work on this Award.

About the Award
The Queen’s Guide Award has two parts:  Part A is the Gold Endeavour and Part B consists of an Interest and a Focus.

Part A – Gold Endeavour
Consists of challenges in the seven Fundamental areas of the Australian Guide Program.  All clauses must be completed in this section.  The Gold Endeavour will be awarded on completion of this part.

Part B – Interest and Focus
Develop an Interest for three months.  Complete the requirements for one Focus.  Focus areas include:  Arts, Leadership, Outdoor Adventure, Service, Social Awareness, World Guiding, Special, Science and Technology, Environmental.  The Focus will be awarded on the completion of this section of Part B.

Part A and Part B can be done in any order or done at the same time.  The Award must be completed by your 18th birthday.