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About Guiding Stories

With over 100 years of history, Guides have a lot of stories to tell. This website is the beginning of an exploration of these stories. The site has been designed to be both an historic record and a living representation of Guiding in all of it’s forms. Read more…

How to use this archive

Dive right in! Use the search function to find that Brownie badge you earned when you were 7, or when your Unit opened, or a stories about girls in your region, or that incredible Leader that influenced your life when you were 14. Or go to the menu and start working your way through all of the Matilda magazines starting from 1923…

Got something to add?

There is lots of information that could be added to in the existing archive and we’d love to hear from you about your experience of Guiding. Do you have a picture that you’d like to share, a story you’d like to tell or a variation on the way things were done in your region? Got a couple of hours a month to help us add more content to the site? We’d love to hear from you.