What is Guiding Stories?

With over 100 years of history, Guides have a lot of stories to tell. This website is the beginning of an exploration of these stories. The site has been designed to be both an historic record and a living representation of Guiding in Australia.

Guiding Stories started life as a PDF in 2015 supported by the Victorian State Government. It contained inspirational stories about modern Guiding in Victoria. Since then, the PDF has been converted into a website and now, the website has been expanded.

The new, revised Guiding Stories website contains stories about the history of Guiding in Victoria since it’s inception. Most recently, due to a private donor, we’ve been able to bring to the public artifacts that span over 100 years of Guiding.  Here you’ll find the original stories published in 2015, magazines that chronicle the day-to-day of Guiding since 1923, badges, warrants, certificates and more.

As the archive expands, we will be inviting stories from all Guiding Associations across Australia, making this a comprehensive history of Guiding in our country.