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Gippsland Region – Badge 2014

The Regions were changed enormously in 2012 with the existing 28 Regions reduced to eight. Gippsland Region now has six Districts and a number of groups comprising the previous Baw […]

Eastern Region – Badge 2013

In 2012 there was a huge change to the Region boundaries with the existing 28 Regions reduced to eight. Eastern Region then comprised seven Districts with groups in those Districts. […]

Ranger Sailing School – Badges

Burtons Campsite

The story began in 1955, when Mr and Mrs Andrew Noble generously donated to the Girl Guides, an area of land at Burton’s Lookout. The purpose of the land was […]

Donvale Camp Carnegie – Badges

Lingbogol – Badges

Mittagong Campsite – Badges

Tallawalla – Badges

Arura Campsite

Burnet Park – Badges

Minda Killara, Sheila Cameron, Rowallan Campsite – History

Britannia Park – Guide House History of Funds

Colac District History and Burtons Lookout

Region Maps 1973

Region Maps 1965

Region Maps 1966

Britannia Park, Guide House, 21st Anniversary Celebration Information

Headquarters – Receptionist 1950

Gwen Thurgood at Headquarters in 1950

Britannia Park – History of Guidehouse and Brownie Cottage

Britannia Park – Guidehouse Sketch