North Central Region 1970s

The original badge was a green triangle bordered by gold depicting the farm lands that cover the Region – the green representing the grass and the gold wheat.

Red Dragon backed by blue sky represents the Southern end of the Region.

Black Ibis against the blue sky represents the Central part of the Region.

Paddle Steamer on the black river represents the section of the Region bordering the river.

The Golden Trefoil on black to stand out against the other blue background.

This badge was designed and first issued in the 1970s.

New Badge design 2007
Due to the changes in Region boundaries the original badge was no longer relevant so a design-a-badge competition was held and the winning design submitted by Gabrielle Jack of Strathfieldsaye Senior Guides.
The badge contains the Bendigo Talking Tram, a Poppet Head and a gold nugget all of which are significant to the Region.