North Metropolitan Region

North Metro covers an area from Malmsbury in the north to Ascot Vale and Brunswick in the south.

The Region has six Divisions.

The Region badge was designed by Gladstone Park Guides and shows the Delta Wing Aircraft to symbolise the Airport and aeroplanes flying over the Region.  The tent shows the Region’s link with Walter Murphy Campsite and the indoor camping at Minda Killara at Riddell’s Creek.  The Wattle Tree symbolises the Brownies tree planting – Ribbon of Gold.

A new Region badge was designed in 2005.
The three overlapping circles represent Guide biscuits for Fundraising and Service, Fun, Friendship and Unity of Purpose. The Trefoils in the overlaps remind us of the Promise we all share.
Within these circles are three things unique to the Region:
The Jet – represents the airport but also a reminder to Aim High, our multicultural community and international opportunities.
The Canoe – represents our water activities and happy days in the outdoors.
The Sacred Kingfisher – this migratory bird thought to be lost from the Merri Creek area due to pollution and now due to regeneration is back again, reminding us of our commitment to the environment of the diversity of Guiding.